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Please choose the county or type in the town or postcode you are looking for into the fields provided. Then tick the criteria you require such as wheel-in shower, right or left hand transfer etc. Click submit and the search will bring up all accommodations that match your criteria and also a percentage of others that include some of your requirements.

If you then click on more info for each listing it will bring up a separate page about the specific accommodation. Click the search again button to return to the search or click the back arrow key at the top of the page to return to the previous page.


If you are searching for criteria such as ceiling hoists and profiling beds which are not a common feature in accessible holiday accommodation by leaving the county, town and postcode fields blank and just ticking the criteria needed, the search will display all the accommodations throughout Britain featuring these facilities. You can then choose (if you wish) to display these on a map of the UK in order to be able to view their locations.

The default radius for the search is set at 10 miles from your chosen county, town or postcode but you can widen or narrow this area, if you wish, by typing a new figure into the 'radius in miles' field provided.

This search facility has been built to be flexible and to be able to grow and improve as needed, therefore

If either you are unable to find any suitable accommodation included in the search results for the area you have chosen at the present time, please try again at a later date as we will be adding to the accommodations included on a regular basis.

Or if you have a specific disability related need that is not included in the criteria at present please e-mail us and if we receive several similar requests we will add it to the search.

For the purposes of this search the following definitions of the criteria are applicable.

Right and Left hand transfer

If a wheelchair wishes to laterally transfer to the toilet, then the wheelchair is positioned alongside the pan with the back to the wall. The side (of the person) then touching the toilet indicates which transfer it is i.e. if the right hand side of the person is next to the toilet then that is right hand transfer and vice versa.

This also applies to beds, the wheelchair is reversed with the back adjacent to the headboard and the side of the person touching the bed indicates which transfer it is.

Clearance for a portable hoist

Underneath bed clearance for a portable hoist is at least 6 inches.

Wheel-in shower

A shower that wheelchair users can wheel right into (or be assisted to) in a wheeled shower chair if necessary

Finally if you have any difficulty using this search please e-mail us including a telephone number if you would prefer to speak to us in person and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hrs.