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Stayittle Outdoor Centre - canoeing

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Water Sport
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Stayittle Outdoor Centre - canoeing
Clywedog Sailing Club
Llyn Clywedog
SY19 7BU
Phone: 01686 430630
Email: Send Email
Website: Visit Website

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The canoeing takes place on Llyn Clywedog near Llanidloes in Powys. It is just one of several watersports on offer through the centre whose staff work in partnership with Clywedog Sailing Club.

Instruction for the watersports such as sailing, canoeing and powerboating is part of the Royal Yacht Club sailability programme.

Access from the bank to the canoes is via a floating pontoon. However there is alternate access for wheelchair users via a landing craft style wheelyboat. However participants will need to be able to transfer themselves or be assisted to transfer from this to the canoe.

For groups of participants the canoes can be lashed together to form a more stable craft.

As a safety precaution a powerboat is on hand with another instructor to provide additional support and assistance if required.

Wet-suits and water proof jackets are available to loan at the sailing club but participants would be advised to bring towels and a second set of warm clothing (including trainers) to change into after finishing.

There is a steep slope down to the jetty and most wheelchair users will require assistance on the return trip back up to the sailing club.

NB The postcode given above is for Staylittle outdoor centre and directions to the sailing club can be found on their website.

To check out a video clip of power boating and the other water sports on offer at the centre please click here

More information about the powerboating and sailing at the same location.

Water Sport Facilities

Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information
Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information

On - site facilities

  • Easy access around ground floor/area of site (see main description)
  • Assistance dogs welcome


  • Designated Disabled car parking (one space adjacent to the sailing club)
  • Hard surfaced car park (compacted)
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access to entrance
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access into venue (ramped into the reception/refreshment area)
  • Prebooking necessary for wheelchair users (pre-booking is required for all participants and prior discussion about individual access needs and abilities will ensure the best possible experience)


  • Level/ramped access to cafe/tearoom (There is a self service kitchen area available for use to visitors which includes a kettle and a cooker see image 9)
  • Sufficient wheelchair access to tables (image 10)


  • Wheelchair accessible toilet/toilets (with shower see image 8)
  • Wheelchair turning space in accessible toilet
  • Room for carer/carers in accessible toilet (two if required)
  • Space for left transfer to toilet
  • Easy access to hand dryer/towels
  • Easy access to wash basin
  • Grab rails in toilet



I must admit, I was a little apprehensive as we approached the lake. We were going to Llyn Clywedog near Llanidloes in Powys, which is where I would be trying out canoeing, but I was hypnotised by the amazing scenery around the lake and this helped to take my mind off it.

The Sailing Club is down a track and once wed parked up and unpacked we headed to the boathouse which is set quite high above the lake. Luckily the weather was windy but not too wet.

After a chat about how to put on the life jacket and whether I needed waterproofs, we went down to the lakeside. Matt explains that we are going to use a type of boat called a wheely boat to access the canoes. The wheely boat is used to give wheelchair users trips on the Lake, but it is also used to aid the transfer on and off other boatcraft such as canoes and speed boats. He explained in detail how the wheely boat would be accessed first and then we would transfer at my own pace onto the speed boat (as it is off a similar height). Once settled onto this boat and happy to transfer again the canoes would be brought around and I would then transfer again, from the speedboat down to them (he explained that because of the wind and the lake being a little choppy he was going to strap two canoes together to make them more stable, this is apparently quite common).

I then went down to Lakeside and wheeled onto the flat bottomed boat. This is an easy process as the ramp is very shallow to go up and down. Once on board Matt took the boat out into the Lake and moored alongside the speedboat. I transferred onto the speedboat from the wheely boat and sat and rested on the seat of the speedboat for a moment before the next step.

Transferring DOWN into the canoes was still a little tricky and involved much getting wet and giggling. Such fun! Because the canoes sit so low in the water this three way transfer is essential for the less able amongst us, as the wheely boat has very high sides and they would be just too high to transfer from. However once in the canoes, and paddling with the single paddle, it was much easier that I thought it would be. First one side, and then the other, keeping it going, side to side, it was wonderful fun. Thankfully there were of course others in the canoe helping us along, but I really felt that I was making a difference to how fast we were going and really enjoyed the feeling of moving through the lake with the water below me and the bank of the lake moving past. At one stage we went past part of the bank that was absolutely covered with late blossoming bluebells and those alone were well worth the trip, never mind the fun.

Having the canoes strapped together really helped with the choppy water and although I got wetter that I thought I might, it was immense fun. Next time I go, if they offer me waterproofs, I will take them. I thought my outer wear WAS waterproof, but the waters of Llyn Clywedog proved me wrong, it also proved how cold it can be, even on a warm day, so wrap up well, kit yourself out in the waterproofs and lifejacket and have a go - whatever your ability, this activity is certainly worth a try, it's great fun and I'm glad I tried it.

The steep slope back up to the boathouse seemed twice as steep as it was when I came down, but then I had canoed up the lake so the cup of hot chocolate afterwards was the best ever and very much appreciated and just what I needed after a trip out on the lake. by Linda Boulton on 01 July 2013