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Disability Skiing Wales

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Disability Skiing Wales
John Nike LeisureSport Complex
Great Orme
LL30 2LR
Phone: 07854 972660
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Disability Skiing Wales are a registered charity (No: 1126906) once a month the North Wales Club meet at Llandudno and offer people a great way of experiencing the thrill of the slopes, whatever their ability.

The monthly sessions are held at the Llandudno Ski Centre on the first Saturday of every month. Many of the guides are qualified ski instructors and also have certificates for first aid, equality in coaching vulnerable adults and disability awareness. 
Your first visit must be pre-booked and it is essential to contact them prior to attending to discuss your needs. It is also a good idea to bring along gloves and warm clothing as waiting to enjoy 'your' swoosh down the slopes, may take a while if there is a large number of people there on the day.
Your first visit costs just £1 to cover insurance and £3 for the use of the equipment. If you enjoy it as much as our researcher did and wish to become a member you can purchase an annual membership from the club. A single membership costs £20 and a family membership is £25, the £3 equipment charge per visit still applies if you have membership.
The club do like everyone to ‘muck in’ which means carers or companions are asked to help with putting on helmets or whatever needs doing. As with most clubs, the North Wales branch do hold regular social events such as BBQ's and Christmas Parties which you are able to get involved with.
In addition to the monthly club, you are able to book one to one tuition directly with the Ski Centre. If you contact them first to discuss your requirements, wherever possible they will find a way for you to take part in the activities.
It is important to note that the centre is located on a steeply sloping site. Most manual wheelchair users will need assistance, however if you do not have a suitable companion available then give the centre some prior notice and their staff should be able to assist you.

Outdoor Leisure Facilities

Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information
Assessed by Disabled Holiday Information

On - site facilities

  • Easy access around ground floor/area of site
  • Assistance dogs welcome


  • Designated Disabled car parking
  • Hard surfaced car park
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access to entrance (Steeply ramped)
  • Level/ramped wheelchair access into venue
  • Prebooking necessary for wheelchair users


  • Level/ramped access to cafe/tearoom
  • Sufficient wheelchair access to tables


  • Wheelchair accessible toilet/toilets
  • Wheelchair turning space in accessible toilet
  • Room for carer/carers in accessible toilet
  • Space for right transfer to toilet (Not lateral)
  • Easy access to hand dryer/towels
  • Easy access to wash basin
  • Grab rails in toilet



Well the day had come and we were headed to Llandudno to the headquarters of the Llandudno Disabled Skiing that takes place on the first Saturday of the month. We had planned to go a few months ago but I had been ill so hopefully all would go well today.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect really and to be honest as we travelled through North Wales towards Llandudno I was feeling a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Would I enjoy it? Would I be able to do what was required? Would my rather cuddly size frame fit in the bucket seat skis I understood were involved? All these thoughts were swirling round in my mind, just as the butterflies were fluttering round in my stomach! But before I knew it my husband had whisked us up the hill to the car park and we were there, it was time to find out what it was all about.

We met up with Pete, one of the many helpers and guides who come to the centre every month to muck in and help all the members and visitors experience a trip or two down the mountain  however they can. After showing us up the side of the centre and to the back of the building we at last saw the slope of white, stretching down the Orme towards the sea, or appearing too.

We were so lucky with the weather. It had been pouring down when we left home two hours ago and yet now the sun is blazing and its hard to believe it's November! Before long a large group of people with a variety of disabilities, along with their family and friends is grouped together near the slope and they are soon going down the slope, some hesitantly and some not, with the aid of the orange clad helpers and guides who help to strap on helmets, clip on skies, marshall them down and consequently back up safely and also just support them where needed. It's a friendly group who made us very welcome.

When it came my time to be strapped into the bucket style sit ski, the butterflies started up again, they'd gone to sleep whilst I had been watching everyone else. Pete came across and asked me what I was physically able to do and whether I would be able to transfer from my chair to the bucket ok, he also explained that the seat was at quite a sharp angle and asked if this would be an issue to any back or leg pain. 

Once this was all established, I transferred into the seat and then the guys strapped me in. There are a lot of straps that go round you and I was held very firmly in. I was also told that if the ski fell over to try not to put my hand out as this may injure my arm and to take the weight of the fall on the shoulder  I was a little worried about this but Pete reassured me that this doesn't happen often.

After being pulled about a little on the flat, to get the feel of the ski, I was introduced to Kenny who was to be my pusher on the slopes. He told me he had been coming to the group to help for nearly 10 years and really enjoyed it. I think the chatting put me at ease because he asked me if I was ready, I said yes and then, WHOOSH, we were off....... It was so quick, and smooth and well, wonderful. We were at the bottom too quick though, and before I knew it we were being pulled up the side of the slope by the automatic ski lift. Kenny stayed with me the whole time though and made me feel very secure. We had a nice chat on the way up, talking about the reviews DHI do and about the move the Ski School had done from Snowdonia to Llandudno quite recently.

I had three wonderful swoops down the slopes with Kenny pushing me and enjoyed all three of them. The speed, the view, the swish of the surface, I could have been on real snow. I can understand how people would get addicted to this sport, it got me!

The group are very welcoming and the rates very reasonable. They can cater for all disabilities but have limited resources as regards equipment and therefore need prospective visitors to pre-book in order to accommodate them. If we are in the area again at the begining of the month, we'll certainly give them a call and pop in, and I recommend you do to. by Linda Boulton on 24 November 2012