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Accessible Kite Sports in Cornwall

Added: 18 August 2009

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Kite buggying is an extremely popular beach pastime in the UK, an innovative Cornwall based company called Mobius operate the only four wheeled, hand controlled buggy in the UK.

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Access to the beach is via a beach wheelchair which means that wheelchair users who are able transfer (or to be assisted to) can now try out this exciting kite sport. A half day training session and trial run is provided by a qualified instructor.

Our 'rather mature' researcher thoroughly enjoyed learning how to fly the powerful flexifoil kite and found the whole experience (including his albeit, some what short, maiden solo 'flight') profoundly liberating. The enthusiasm and support from the friendly instructor and his assistants served to enhance what was a very special day.

For a personal account of this activity please check out our UK activities search and for more info on Mobius Kite Sports visit www.mobiusonline.co.uk/kiteschool/disability.html