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Shropshire Family Information Service on Facebook!

Added: 7 March 2011

A new Facebook page has been launched by Shropshire Council's Family Information Service (FIS) for parents and carers of children and young people aged up to 19 years old.

Full Story

Shropshire FIS helps parents and carers make the best use of childcare and children’s services. Information and advice is being posted on the Facebook page on many aspects of family life, including things to do and places to go, healthy eating, staying safe, childcare and support for parents of children with disabilities.

Shropshire FIS is continually working to expand the ways that parents and carers can gain access to quality information, advice and support, which includes exploring new technologies and social networking. Having a dedicated Facebook page means parents have a variety of channels through which to access information to support them in their role as parents.
To go to the FIS page, search for ‘Shropshire Family Info’ on Facebook and ‘Like’ the page.