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TERRAform the Accessible Allotment

Added: 7 January 2015

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Gardening is a wonderful pastime and can improve quality of life for all people both physically and mentally. Five years ago a group of French architects and artists got together with disabled gardeners to create the TERRAform a wheelchair accessible allotment which is now available in the UK.

Full Story

The gardens have been created especially for wheelchair users or those for find standing up difficult. The special ergonomic shape allows gardeners to grow produce in full soil while facing straight on to their work. When in use gardeners can comfortably reach the middle and edges of the grow box without having to move. 

Over one hundred TERRAform gardens are currently in use situated in family gardens, retirement homes, care homes, schools and hospitals. The boxes can be linked together or kept separate depending on intended use and the layout of the site. They can be assembled in minutes without specialist tools. 
The environmentally conscious among you will be pleased to learn that the cutaway casing (highly durable polyethylene) is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. The wooden sides are preservative-treated European Douglas Fir.
Manufactured by Collectif La Valise in France, the national supplier in the UK is Rednewt. So if you itching to get on your garden gloves are find out more please contact them directly for more information and images using the details provided below:
Tel:                 01332 410011
Email: info@red-newt.com
Web: www.red-newt.com/products/wheelchair-raised-garden.html