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Discover Greece using all your Senses!

Added: 2 July 2013

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Access Greece was established as a consulting and design company promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities into the cultural sector. They are now involved in the tourism sector as well offering a number of inclusive multi-sensory package holidays and activities for people with disabilities, their family and friends.

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Access Greece believe that apart from the sunny beaches and clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece has a variety of cultural, historical, naturalistic, culinary, religious and sporting experiences to offer. Their team ensure that these experiences are equally accessible to all people, regardless any physical, visual or hearing impairment. They also have a strong belief that all clients should participate in their tours in their own right rather than being the passive recipients of somebody else’s experiences.

Access Greece select and complete on site audits of all accommodations and activities to evaluate their accessibility before they will use them. Their work has also made them appreciate the importance of the end users involvement and they now work closely with disabled people in all their projects, whether designing inclusive exhibitions, access auditing buildings, organizing access-awareness training workshops or putting together multi-sensory tourism experiences.
The new autumn multi-sensory tours are now available on their website (with more tours are on the way), you can choose from a variety of packages designed to cover your needs and wishes or tailor make your own. Places are limited though, so book early! If you have already booked to visit Greece this year, then you still don’t need to miss out. You can sign up to one of Access Greece’s private multi-sensory day tours. These are offered in Athens, Chania, Epidaurus or Delfi and may include tactile visits to archeological sites, city experiencing walking tours or other multi-sensory activities.
If you are keen to find out more about the day to day itineraries, availability or pricing please use the contact details below to visit their website or speak to Access Greece directly:
5 Stadiou street, 15452 Palaio, Psychiko, Athens, Greece.
Email: info@accessgreece.com
Web: www.accessgreece.com
*Unlike the majority of our literature we have not visited and accessed the above holidays and activities (Unfortunately we can't find a funding source to send a research team to Greece - yet!!). We have tried to ensure the information is correct but we strongly urge you to consult with the company about the appropriateness of the activities and accommodation for your own specific needs.