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This list of links has been compiled as a result of many requests for information of websites for destinations and organisations that we have not included elsewhere on the site. Unlike the majority of our literature we have not visited the places included (Unfortunately we can't find a funding source to send a research team to Hawaii yet!!). We have tried to ensure the information is correct but we strongly urge you to consult with the owners of each site about the appropriateness of any facility for your own specific needs.

Worldwide Holidays


www.endeavour-safaris.com (Africa)

www.epic-enabled.com (Africa)

www.go-africa-safaris.com (Africa)

www.disabilitytravel.com (Alaska)

www.australiaforall.com (Australia)

www.disabledholidaysbali.com (Bali)

www.arcticaventure.com (Canada)

www.accesschinatravel.com (China)

www.ecuadorforall.com (Ecuador including the Galapagos islands)

www.egyptforall.net  (Egypt)

www.mauiaccessiblecondo.com  (Hawaii)

www.israel4all.com (Israel)

www.smartrip-israel.com (Israel)

www.kenya-fishing.com (Kenya)

www.adapta.com.mx (Mexico)

www.cancunaccesible.com (Mexico)

www.accessiblenz.com (New Zealand)

www.toursnz.com  (New Zealand)

www.withinthebays.co.nz (New Zealand)

www.libertytour.ru (Russia)

www.epic-guesthouse.com (South Africa)

www.oystercatcherlodge.co.za (South Africa)

www.accessiblethailand.com (Thailand)

www.wheelchairaccessibleholidayhomesfordisabledpeople.com (Thailand)

www.accessibleturkey.org (Turkey)

www.access-sandiego.org (USA)

www.accessallrooms.com (Various Worldwide)

www.accessibletravel.co.uk (Various Worldwide)

www.access-able.com (Various Worldwide)

www.access-travel.co.uk (Various Worldwide)

www.altogethertravel.co.uk (Various Worldwide, with or without a travel companion service)

www.cruisingholidays.co.uk  (Various Worldwide)

www.crystalski.co.uk (Various Worldwide)

www.disabledaccessholidays.com (Various Worldwide)

www.disabled-holidays.net (Various Worldwide)

www.enableholidays.com (Various Worldwide)

www.holidaysinawheelchair.com (Various Worldwide)

www.matchinghouses.com (Various Worldwide, Accessible Home Swap)

www.seable.co.uk (Various Worldwide, for travellers with visual impairments and wheelchair using travellers) 

www.traveleyes-international.com (Various Worldwide, for travellers with a visual impairment)

www.umoja.in (Various Worldwide)

www.wingsonwheels.co.uk (Various Worldwide)


Worldwide Holiday/Leisure Services


www.equipmentplus.org.nz (New Zealand, Mobility Equipment Hire)

www.ablecommunitycare.com (Worldwide, Holiday Carer / Companion Service)

www.goodtogoinsurance.com (Worldwide, Specialist Travel Insurance)

www.mobilityequipmenthiredirect.com (Worldwide, Mobility Equipment Hire)

www.orbisplus.co.uk (Worldwide, Specialist Travel Insurance)

www.uk-care.com (Worldwide, Holiday Care Companion Service)

www.wheelchairaccessibleholidaytaxis.com (Worldwide, Accessible Taxi Booking Service)


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